SoundScape - The new and exciting gaming experience!
Shrouded in darkness!

Creative Spark Exhibition

SoundScape will be demonstrated and available to try at Creative Spark in the Kinect form. The exhibition opens on 1st of June 2012 in Sheffield at Cantor Building at Sheffield Hallam University. Then it continues on the 6th - 23rd June 2012. For more information about the exhibition please look here 

Game in action!

Below are a couple of embedded videos from YouTube explaining the concept of SoundScape and showing some gameplay of all the levels!

1.81 Available to download and play!

If you have any queries, problems or questions about the game as well as feedback please send me a message at or tweet me!/ALloydGD Thanks and enjoy!  


A note on the game play - it is best played with 2 channel headphones as this is what it has been mixed for. If you play on speakers or 5.1 surround sound speakers or headphones the games audio will most likely be jumbled and you will not be able to play the game properly!

Reccomended download links


Direct Link to the 1.81 PC version hosted on -  Download
NEW! Direct Link to the torrent of the 1.81 PC version hosted on - Download


 Direct Link to the 1.81 MacOsx application hosted on -  Download
NEW! Direct Link to the torrent of the 1.81 MacOsx application hosted on -  Download 

Download these files, then click the self extracting zip file, unzip it into the directory you want and then browse to the location where you have unzipped it. Navigate through the folders until you find the SoundScape1.8PC/Mac application depending on your operating system. The application will have the unity (cube) logo as its icon or on mac the app icon. Open this then you will have to set the resolution to whatever your desktops resolution is. You can then launch the game!

Update1.81PC - Added voice to the games main menu and keyboard input to the main menu so that it blind gamers can access the game without assistance. W key on the keyboard now starts the main game up and Escape key will close the application fully. Escape key can also be used throughout the game.

Game Controls

Walking - W and E keys to alternate feet or click the Walk button in the game
Turning Left - A/click the turn left button in game - this will rotate the character left
Turning Right - D/click the turn right button in game - this will rotate the character right
Feel - R/Click the feel button in game - This will allow you to detect surfaces directly in front of you
Exit - Escape key/Click the Exit button in game - This will close the game for you

Hints and Tips

If you are struggling to locate a sound think about where the sound is playing in your headphones, if it sounds like it is coming from either the left or the right you will have to turn left or right until the sound starts to move to the centre of your headphones. The trick is to mentally picture where you can hear the sound panning to and from as you move around.

If you hear a sound getting louder you are getting closer to it, if you hear it getting fainter you are moving away from it. With objectives and artefacts try to follow them until they appear to be at their loudest and most central sound in your headphones!

Walls - If you think you are stuck the best thing you can do is either turn away from the wall and feel to see if you are facing away from it. If you hear no feel sound you have successfully turned away from the wall and can walk away from it.

If something sounds dangerous and like it is partrolling it very well may be a foe that is hunting for you! Try to avoid these at all costs.

If it helps you to do it draw a plan of the level as you discover it on a piece of paper if you are able to. This may help you to understand the layout of the level a bit better!

AncientUndegroundCityDemoTrack by AndrewLloydGD